Easy DIY Flowerpot Lantern for Halloween

I have a confession to make. I’m a cheap and lazy crafter.

If it can’t be done for under 20 bucks and/or 30 minutes, it’s not much fun for me.

A project can’t get much easier than these easy DIY flowerpot lanterns made with solar lights and a little paint. It’s a great way to shed a little light on your stoop and show a little personality. Best of all, you can always paint over your seasonal phrase to create a blank canvas for the next calendar event!

DIY flower pot lanterns for halloween

I love that it also helps to brighten up steps – helpful come trick-or-treat night! Have you started decorating for Halloween yet? Do you go for scary or pretty?

  • http://snapdecor.blogspot.in/ Sujatha

    Susan, this is just what I look for since I am an impatient crafter! What a great idea!

    • http://www.yourhomeonlybetter.com Susan

      Impatient crafters unite!!!!! :)

  • Julie

    Thanks we make our own items also http://www.outsidetheboxpapers.com/