A Color Story Inspired by Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey is best known as a period drama that takes place in an amazing castle. But it’s more than that. It’s the story about a home, and it takes place in the REAL Highclere Castle. Sure, it may be a grand castle in the Jacobethan style, but it’s also someone’s home, full of history, tradition, hopes and dreams.

highclere castle

Downton Abbey provides the Highclere castle walls a chance to talk, and at the same time provide an escape from our everyday lives to a faraway grand English countryside castle. Something many have dreamed about in their childhood days. There is something magical about the rooms at Highclere, and the colors are a big part of the magic.

Now, let’s talk about the colors that make up the magic. We’ll look at the drawing room, library, kitchen, and two bedrooms and how they inspired Mary Lawlor, Manager of Color Marketing at Kelly-Moore Paint to design the Downton Abbey Color Palette.

The Drawing Room

Influenced by the refreshing pastels and creams of the Drawing Room, a pale green/aqua is further softened with the use of pale rose, classic ivory and gold gilding.

Downton Abbey Drawing Room

The Library

Influenced by the intensity of color in the Library, the dramatic rich oxbloods and carnelian reds beautifully compliment the walls of books.

Downton Abbey Library

The Kitchen

Influenced by the utilitarian nature of the kitchen are the more subdued, grounded grays and varnished ivory.

Downton Abbey Kitchen

Cora’s Room

Influenced by the richness of the Cora’s room, the striking blue walls, rich wood tones and creams inspire the following colors.

Downton Abbey Cora's Room

Sybil’s Room

Influenced by the femininity of Sybil’s room, the rose colored walls combined with green, rosy orange and cream floral draperies inspire the following colors.

downton abbey sybil's room

I hope you’ve enjoyed this colorful tour of Downton Abbey/Highclere Castle.

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