How I Puppy Playdate Tested a SureFIT Sofa Cover

Surefit coverGreetings fellow pet-owners!

While I love my dog, I don’t love a messy sofa. So I was excited to try SureFIT’s pet cover to see if it really makes a difference. I was intrigued by the cozy design and apparent simplicity of assembly.

It was very easy to assemble. The hardest part was keeping my dog off of it until I was done.

surefit sofa pet cover

It was so soft (quilted velvet finish with high-loft polyester batting) and a microfiber backing to keep it in place.  While it felt and looked great, I wanted to know if it was truly puppy-worthy! So I invited my neighbor and her Chi-mix puppy Ella over for a play date.  And wow, did they give it a good test!

Surfit pet covers comfortable for  humans too!

dogs at play on surefit sofa cover

SureFIT has always been known for their smart solutions for ugly sofas. Their pet covers take that same expertise and apply it to an easy on/off cover that works with ugly or pretty sofas! It’s like a little insurance policy.

I was most interested to find out if it would stay in place. Of course, in my mind, I was envisioning some cute snuggling photos of cozy puppies. But what I got was a lot of unbridled enthusiasm.

They never slowed down for that magic shot, but they sure had a good time.

After one hour and 20 minutes of active playtime, I was impressed that the cover stayed intact. Seriously impressive!

It’s washable as well, so I can laugh at the silly dogs without worry.

It has a special “Sanitized® Actifresh” protective finish that is designed to resists odors, even after washing. (Wonder if I can get some of that for my husband’s fishing clothes).

Now they are also available in chair-size, for automobiles, and they  have a waterproof option as well.

I think my parents would also appreciate me bringing a cover along with us for their new sofa when we go visit.

Our pets are part of the family. Pet covers help us enjoy our pets without worry.


I’d like to thank SureFIT for the opportunity to take the pet cover for a ride. While they provided the cover, the views in this post are all mine. And if you’re on my Christmas shopping list and have a dog, you may well be getting one of these this year! :)

I love reading comments and yes, I read every one!


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