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small apartment hacks

Review: Small Apartment Hacks

Small apartment living has never been so hip! I was asked to review Jenna Mahoney’s book “Small Apartment Hacks.” I am often requested to review books, but this one caught my eye - I am intrigued with the puzzle-solving prowess displayed by savvy renters with a zest for living a fabulous, uncomplicated life! Like most “grown ups” I rented a lot in my younger years. In fact, I used to … [Read More...]

expressive trees on a Sunday walk

The Sunday Walk: Finding Shapes in Trees

Weather permitting, my husband and I walk the dog every Sunday morning. Even though we take the same 2 mile path, we discover new things along the way, such as colors as written about here. With the … [Read More...]

trays feature

Containing Clutter with Pretty Trays

How 6  pretty trays help me hold it all together. Trays are fun – they create mini-vignettes that bring form and function together. They keep things organized, and look great doing it. Here are just … [Read More...]

inspirational renewal quotes

Why I’m Not Making New Year Resolutions

Resolutions vs. Renewal I've been contemplating what a New Year really means. I read posts about resolution goals on blogs and social media, and find myself nodding in agreement with the ambitious … [Read More...]

mood lights green vs red

Holiday Lights: Red or Green?

We know the power of color. But what about the power of colored lights? Mood-Lites from The Mood factory is a fun way to spread some hue and improve your mood without pulling out a paint brush. Great … [Read More...]

dogs on surefit sofa cover

How I Puppy Playdate Tested a SureFIT Sofa Cover

Greetings fellow pet-owners! While I love my dog, I don't love a messy sofa. So I was excited to try SureFIT's pet cover to see if it really makes a difference. I was intrigued by the cozy design … [Read More...]


Birthday Fun! The Big One!

Birthdays aren't just for kids. Here is some fodder on birthday's for grownups that inspires me. And yes, today is my birthday. A big one. Starts with the letter "F"  For the philosopher  For your … [Read More...]

fall colors of a sunday morning walk

Fall Colors of a Sunday Morning Walk

I love Sunday morning walks with my patient husband and happy dog. The colors in the fall are astounding! Soon our attention will turn to reds and greens. But for now, I'm basking in the … [Read More...]

repurposed holiday tablescape ideas feature

Repurposed Holiday Tablescape Ideas

Setting a holiday table should be fun. Pull out what you have an play with it. Use a color as a common theme through your tablescapes (as talked about here at HomeGoods). Or simply mix and match … [Read More...]

halloween tablescape feature

Halloween Tablescape

Halloween is not normally considered a big holiday meal situation, but why not have a little fun? Add a pop of color with an organic pumpkin, plastic teeth, or mix and match napkins. Turn a … [Read More...]

disco pumpkin fun with a power tool

Disco Halloween Pumpkin

Sometimes a traditional pumpkin caving design just won't do. Enter the versatile Ryobi Drill. So easy my eight-year old neighbor could do it. So random, so different. So … [Read More...]

kelly moore paints fall colors 2013

A Love Affair with Fall Colors

Are you having a love affair with everything fall this year? What's not to love! From candy corn to cozy sweaters to cute boots, it's all good! And what about the beautiful fall colors that … [Read More...]

tweaking accessories

Tweaking Bedroom Accessories

A room is never really done, right? My tween daughter moved into her attic bedroom less than one year ago, as document in the post "Romantic Country Tween Dream Attic Bedroom" but things continue to … [Read More...]

4 lighting projects done in 1 hour or less

4 Lighting Projects Done in 1 Hour or Less

Annie from Pegasus Lighting gets it. We're busy! She shares 4 super easy lighting ideas that anyone can do. I'm always amazed at what a difference lighting can make to a room! ~Susan Home … [Read More...]

estate sale finds for $20

How to Score at a Barn Estate Sale

I had a blast an annual barn estate sale where 11 sellers display their items for sale. Not only did I score some awesome findings (for only $20), but I also enjoyed the bittersweet savings of leaving … [Read More...]

home comfort and energy savings

Home Comfort that Pays for Itself With Energy Savings

Recently, I have been working with an amazing team of writers to build a new blog www.myHOMEscience.com about home comfort and energy efficiency. Ok, I know it doesn't sound sexy, but the more I … [Read More...]

kitchen remodel

Our Kitchen, Only Better!

After years of quick fixes to various kitchens, we've finally taken on a true kitchen makeover. Don't get me wrong - I've been wowed by the big impact small DIY changes can make, but I wasn't up to … [Read More...]

rearrange and reaccessorize pink room

Rearrange and Accessorize to Freshen a Girls Pink Room

I totally called it! When my 2nd grader begged for a zebra glam room last  year, I knew it wouldn't last. Which is why I designed her pink room with the zebra component as a variable design … [Read More...]

brewery colors feature

3 Color Palettes Inspired By a Brewery Tour

On a recent tour of the Two Roads Brewery in Stratford, CT, I found myself comfortably happy, despite the heat of the day. The brewery was in the old, transformed U.S. Baird Building - rustic and … [Read More...]

man cave ideas

Creating a Custom Man Cave in 5 Steps

Hmmm, do you think the man cave concept was invented by men who wanted solitude, or their women who wanted peace and quiet? ~Susan Every man needs a fortress of solitude—here’s how to get … [Read More...]

DIY mason jar craft - hanging macrame succulents

DIY Mason Jar Ideas Crafts & Book Review

Another awesome post by Emily Jensen! She had a blast going through this book and trying one of the mason jar ideas! Check out how she did it, and possibly win a copy of the book as well! Mason jars … [Read More...]