Upcycled Chair Revival

My sister and I each had an old piece of furniture from Grammy Gardner. I had the bench, and my sister had the chair.

diy chair revival upcycling project

Not fine pieces of furniture, but solid and meaningful. Somehow I ended up with the chair as well, and it moved with us five times. It has done time in attics, basements and external garages for 15 years.

I finally rescued it from our current attic and upcycled it to work beautifully in my daughter’s room. Who knew knew some black paint and cow fabric could make such a beautiful upcycled chair.

The first step was finding out what condition the chair was in. Triage! It definitely needed sanding, and seat was…well…gross. Great excuse to pull out my Ryobi and cut a new seat!

diy chair revival upcycling project

After some sanding, painting (spray black lacquer paint), and recovering the seat with new padding and fabric…

diy chair revival upcycling project

We were ready to put this chair to use!

chair upcycled with black paint and cow print fabric

I sure hope Grammy and my sister approve.

Giddy up!

p.s. – stay tuned – I did 2 more upcycling projects from the same moo fabric!

I love reading comments and yes, I read every one!


  1. Shirley Johns says

    upcycling holds such an important aspect in our life. Old things which are close to us in any way can be converted into useful things. Thanks for sharing this article its amazing to see the change in the chair from waste to useful product!!

  2. joan says

    Susan, I have 4 of these chairs (also passed down) and I spotted your makeover on pinterest, thought it brilliant, but didn’t realize it was yours until I clicked through. Great job — you’ve inspired me to paint mine!


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