Tweaking Bedroom Accessories

A room is never really done, right? My tween daughter moved into her attic bedroom less than one year ago, as document in the post “Romantic Country Tween Dream Attic Bedroom” but things continue to change in her room. I’m a queen of tweaking (no, not twerking – bahahaha).

The simple solution? Tweaking bedroom accessories! We’ve updated some bedding shams and throws, added a rug, added more equestrian accessories (vinyl wall art), and found some awesome glow in the dark barn lights to dress up the hallway leading to her room.

Bedroom Details

The biggest difference was probably the study corner. We added an area rug from HomeGoods as a preventative measure, switched out pillows, and added some vinyl wall art on the wall and on the end of her coffee table.

teen study corner

Actually, It’s such a comfortable space now that I want to hang out there!

horse wall vinyl decor

I also added a few projects from some cowprint fabric, but that’s just too much for one post. Check out “3 DIY Fabric Decor Ideas” for more on that!

I love reading comments and yes, I read every one!


  1. rebecca moss says

    It is a pleasure to see your work – your daughter is fortunate to have such a nice spot of her own (and parents that make it so nice). In your first post about this room you asked for ideas for the electrical box, here is one. Since the box is actually a nice shape – instead of hiding it, emphasize it – surround it (miter corners and all) with molding. For the inside, have a panel (plywood?) cut to fit and cover the doors. Cover that with either cork (or padding then fabric) so it’s a pushpin board (for photos or your daughter friends?). This panel could be hinged on one side, and perhaps hinged on the other to keep it snuggly closed – this would allow access to the box. That cute “friend” could go somewhere elsewhere – or perhaps mounted higher above the box?)

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