Review: Small Apartment Hacks

Small apartment living has never been so hip!

small space living

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I was asked to review Jenna Mahoney’s book “Small Apartment Hacks.” I am often requested to review books, but this one caught my eye – I am intrigued with the puzzle-solving prowess displayed by savvy renters with a zest for living a fabulous, uncomplicated life!

Like most “grown ups” I rented a lot in my younger years. In fact, I used to change apartments just so I could redecorate. I remember the need to balance the freedom of no-strings-attached-living with feeling connected at home.

In short, I found the tips and ideas in this book to be spot-on (and my 20-something nieces agreed)! While it does not include photos to illustrate the ideas, we do have blogs and Pinterest! I found the content well-written, helpful and entertaining.

It was a quick and entertaining read. I’ll just briefly take you through the highlights of the three main topics:

  1. Organizing
  2. Decorating
  3. Entertaining


Small Apartment Hacks: small kitchen storage solutions

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While Jenna provides many clever ways to store your stuff, I appreciate that she suggests the best solution is less stuff. Some storage topics she covers include:

  • Before you start storing your stuff, start with a vision
  • How to deal with a messy counterpart
  • How to create zones
  • How to recognize the difference between “dated” and “vintage”
  • How to scale your furniture to fit your space
  • Reminder to keep only what you actually use
  • Ways to digitize documents and corral cords
  • Look for vertical storage opportunities
  • Downcycle!


Small Apartment Hackes: small space decorating

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Whether you rent or own, you want to feel at home. Finding creative ways to express your style will turn your small space into your favorite place to be! Tips include:

  • How to map out your plan
  • Create a focus for the room
  • Use rugs to create zones
  • How to shop second hand furniture shops
  • Put stuff on wheels for ultimate flexibility
  • How to use lighting to create illusions
  • How to expanding your space with mirrors
  • How to apply Feng Shui basics
  • Smart accessorizing tips
  • How to select your signature color
  • How to strategically use plants in your decor


Entertaining has been trending more casual for awhile. So adapting your apartment to welcome overnight guests makes perfect sense.

small space guest bed double duty

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Whether planning an intimate dinner or lively party, you’ll also find practical entertaining tips for your small space.

small space entertaining: intimate dining

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small space bar storage solution

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Are you inspired? You can pick up her book on Amazon, and view many more inspirational photos on our Small Space Living Pinterest board.

Go ahead, turn your “living space” into your “home!”

Note: While I did received a copy of this book to review, the opinions in this post are all my own.

I love reading comments and yes, I read every one!


  1. Lynn says

    Great post, Susan, and so timely. We live in a small, basement apartment after selling the house of our dreams. I struggle more with appointing the apartment than I did “the big house.” Sound like this book–and more of your posts–are precisely what I need. Thank you.

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