Home Comfort that Pays for Itself With Energy Savings

Recently, I have been working with an amazing team of writers to build a new blog www.myHOMEscience.com about home comfort and energy efficiency. Ok, I know it doesn’t sound sexy, but the more I learn, the more amazing it is.

Here’s the thing. No matter how beautiful your home looks, if some rooms are too hot or too cold, you don’t want to be in the room. And don’t get me started about utility bills! With cooler weather looming, I’m already sweating over my next oil delivery bill.

If you don’t know who Larry Janesky is, you should. He’s a leader in common-sense building science and knows how to fix homes with these problems. My youngest daughter Emma and I participated in a video he recently produced explaining why it makes sense to fix your home now.

Ok, I know it’s a 12 minute video, so if you’d prefer an infographic, here you go. Although I highly recommend watching the video – great supporting actors. 😉

home comfort pays for itself

Hopefully you learned something that you will find helpful for your own home. You’ve worked too hard making your home awesome to let cold or hot weather make your rooms uncomfortable!

If you are interested in having your home evaluated for energy efficiency, you can find a local, qualified specialty contractor who understands all this at DrEnergySaver.com. They are the real deal!

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