Easy Unique Vegetable Centerpiece Ideas

I love flowers. But sometimes, it’s fun to do something a bit different. With Thanksgiving and Christmas on the immediate horizon, I turned my tablescape thoughts to the produce section of my local grocer.

I found three creative ways to use veggies in décor: 1) with candles, 2) with flowers, and 3) simply on their own. Not only do these elements play well with each other, but there are so many creative ways to display them. Here are a few of my favorites!

1. Vegetables and Candles

I love the simplistic yet functional display of these candles and veggies. The ribbon gives it just the right splash of color.

vegetable candle centerpiece


Aren’t those green beans adorable?

vegetable candle centerpiece


2. Flowers and Veggies

This one includes some beautiful flowers, and I love how it is displayed on a simple cake stand.

vegetable and flower centerpiece


Or simply display veggies in a mix of vases.

vegetables in assorted vases tablescape


3. Simply Veggies

Even a simple collection of beautiful vegetables can stand on its own. With or without garnishment!

basket of vegetables tablescape


fruit and vegetable centerpiece


And of course, I love Martha Stewart. She creates synergy by combining simple items together in unexpected ways.

martha stewart vegetable centerpice


And I love her sense of humor as well!

martha stewart vegetable root centerpiece


Another idea – set these darling cauliflower sheep loose on the table.

farm animal vegetable art


 So this year, I’m going to forgo flowers and browse the produce section of my local grocery store. Anyone else want to give it a try? Which vegetables will you use, and how will you display them?

I love reading comments and yes, I read every one!


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