Easy (Changeable) Zebra Glam Girls Room

My sweet little girl asked for a Zebra Glam room in our new home. Even though I had just redesigned her last room, we’re in a new house now, and the room needed painting anyway.

Hmmm. I had previously sworn off pink theme-heavy rooms. But how could I say “no?” Plus, she regularly reads my blog, so I thought I should reward her for her loyalty.

So I gave in, but with a few conditions. Wall had to be PALE pink, and we would infuse zebra print in such a way that it could easily be changed to something else as she grows (yes, honey, it could happen). Here’s how we made it happen, and under budget! (Note: if you just want to see the before and after pics, scroll down).

zebra glam room

Not wanting to spend more than $200, I tried to mostly use what I already had.

  • We took down the ceiling fan and replaced it with a simple light fixture ($20)
  • Painted the walls Behr “Barely Pink” and the ceiling white. Trim semi-gloss white ($50)
  • I found a headboard on the side of the road, and painted it bright pink ($15).

head board painted pink

  • I also painted her “Dream” sign in the same pink paint.

dream in pink

  • Using an existing poster frame from her last room, I ordered a zebra poster online ($30)

zebra poster print

  • I picked up a thrift store curtain rod for $10. The white curtains were from our last guest room.

thrift store curtain rod

  • Blinged a couple table lamps with boas and ribbons ($0) – (DIY Bling Post here)

lamp before and after

  • She picked out a zebra/pink throw from HomeGoods ($30)

zebra throw

  • We added a zebra chair from our previous basement and the pink chandelier from her last room to make a cozy reading corner ($0).

zebra diva reading corner

And finally, she swapped out some furniture and accessories with her sister ($0).

Were you keeping track? Not including the new mattress set for the found headboard and new carpeting (which was definitely required), we spent $155 on paint, décor and accessories.

Finally, as promised, here are the money shots – the before and after inspiration!

pink zebra glam room before

pink zebra glam room after

pink zebra glam room before

pink zebra glam room after

pink zebra glam room before

pink zebra glam room after

When she inevitably tires of Zebra, how else could you redesign this room keeping the other elements?

I love reading comments and yes, I read every one!


  1. Cathy says

    The room looks great Susan! Just the right amount of Zebra and easily changed down the road. Love what you did with the headboard. I bet she loves the room.


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