DIY Bling for a Boring Lamp Shade

When redesigning a room, I first like to look for low-lying fruit – pieces I can upcycle to take on a new life without having to buy all new.

Lamp shades are cheap and easy (in a good way)! Here is the life of two very inexpensive table lamps, formerly used in my oldest daughter’s last couple room designs:

table lamp evolution

My youngest daughter has asked for a Zebra Glam room in our new home. So, using some ribbon I found while unpacking, and the boa that had formerly been part of her canopy at the last house, I plucked the low lying fruit and created “new” lamps.

glam tools to upcycle a table lamp

Armed with my free glam tools (plus some fabric glue and a stapler), I set out to “girlify” these hardworking table lamps into something that would work in a “Zebra Glam” room.

First I glued the ribbon on the top of the shade. Be sure to start at the seam in the shade, and just do a few inches at a time. Pull it as tight as you can.

gluing ribbon on upcycled lamp shade

Then I simply stapled the boa onto the bottom of each shade.

stapling a boa on an upcycled lamp shade

That’s it. Seriously! Now which one says Zebra Glam to you?

upcycled lampshade before and after

I’d love to show you the finished room, but I have two more “low lying fruit” projects to complete before the big reveal (tease, tease, tease!).

But I will show you a glimpse of the headboard I found along the side of the road and painted. I’d like to say that was completely free…but…I had to get a mattress set to fit it (oops).

painted pink headboard

Most people don’t have unlimited budget for redesign projects. While I would have loved to shop for new lamps for her new room, plucking this low-lying fruit upcycling project now frees up my budget for other things (such as replacing the lamps in my older daughter’s room I now have in my youngest’s room). I like to call this Fiscally Responsible Decorating!

How have you saved by reusing something in your home?


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