Decorating with empty picture frames

Illuminated Empty FrameIf a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is the frame worth? A whole lot, if you ask me! An empty frame represents opportunity, simplicity, and imagination.

Here are some creative ways I’ve found to let beautiful frames take center stage in your décor (note: click on images to view original sources):

This first one is my favorite idea (from Pottery Barn Teen)…light up a beautiful frame for a dramatic display!  Just wrap a string of lights around an empty frame, and hang from the wall with a decorative ribbon.  This would be beautiful over a bedroom mantle with lovely candelabra inside the fireplace. Very romantic!

What about using color to make a statement, like this example from The Sleepy Time Gal?


Here’s a beautiful floating headboard from


Attach an empty frame (or cheat and use crown molding) to a wall, and paint the inside with chalkboard spray paint. This idea is from


Create a collage of mix and match frames on the wall.  Here are a couple good examples, first from Martha Stewart, and the second from The Inspired Room:

frames-arrangement-ms  frames-arrangement-tir

Or, how about a frame in a frame?  Love how this idea from plays nice with the apple display.  The symmetry gives it a modern edge.

Frame in a frame

Looking for a unique way to bring greenery inside?  Perhaps this idea from / will inspire you:


Hope you found some of these ideas inspiring!  Let me know what you’ve done with empty frames!

I love reading comments and yes, I read every one!


  1. yourhomeonlybetter says

    Thanks to my friend Julia at Hooked On Houses for letting me link-up to the “Hooked On Friday’s” blog party! It’s every Friday, so I’ve posted the link for Hooked on Friday’s under the Blogrolll (hint: look to the right) —>

  2. says

    What a fun post! Love these ideas. I’ve always had a thing for pretty picture frames.

    Thanks for joining my party, and for the link in your blogroll! Hope you have a fabulous weekend. -Julia :-)

  3. yourhomeonlybetter says

    Thanks Gayle! I really want to try that first one (with the lights) – maybe next holiday in lieu of the traditional wreath! Have a great weekend!


  4. says

    Maybe for our eyes it will look as an empty frame, but if we become optimistic it will serves as a beautiful design. It’s a fantastic idea to put frames on your wall. And somehow in the future you can even revise it by putting your precious memories on it.


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