Containing Clutter with Pretty Trays

How 6  pretty trays help me hold it all together.

Trays are fun – they create mini-vignettes that bring form and function together. They keep things organized, and look great doing it. Here are just a few real-life ways I’m currently using trays to contain clutter in my own home. {Shopping Tip – I found all of the trays shown in this post at HomeGoods!}

In the Kitchen

Kitchens are notorious for spreading clutter! Cooking essentials are a frequent offender of clutter. This melamine tray is just the right size to corral frequently used essentials by the stove.

cooking essentials tray from

cooking essentials tray from

The coffee corner is popular – this smaller tray gives the tins and my favorite cup a place to belong.

coffee tray from

coffee tray from

Fruit has a high turnover. Placing it front and center in a colorful tray hopefully reminds the kids of this snack choice before they head toward the pantry.

fruit storage tray from

In the Home Office

The prettier the inbox tray, the more likely I’ll keep it cleaned out so I can look at it. Well, it’s a working theory.

office inbox tray from

office inbox tray from

In the Bathroom

Not only are trays pretty, they make it easier to move toiletries out of the way for cleaning day.

bathroom tray caddie from

In the Bedroom

I like to save bedside for the little things that make me happy. Well, the alarm clock doesn’t make me happy, but it prevents the inevitable unhappiness I would feel if I overslept.

bedroom night table tray organizer from

These are just a few ways I’m using trays – for more ideas, visit my Pinterest board dedicated to trays!

How are you using trays in your home?

I love reading comments and yes, I read every one!


  1. says

    What a great idea. I am always drawn towards trays but never know what to put them in. Or how much before they just look like a catch all. You do a great job!

  2. says

    Wonderful and vibed once again! Love you and arriving to a conclusion that we are all here to delve into creative ways often. Where are you mainstaying you? In the states? Love the colors here.

  3. Anna says

    Yea for trays! OMG, Susan…hello, Anna here!
    Happy to see I am not alone in my tray obsession! Like you, I have trays in EVERY room. I’ll have to check out Home Goods…most of mine are from sellers on etsy who’ve repurposed/refurbished old vintage trays, which makes them usually fun and funky!
    Have a TRAYtastic day!
    :) Anna


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