A Seasonal Room Update on a Budget

After 6 weeks in the new home, I’m a little surprised to note that everyone hangs out in the smallest, darkest room. While I have big plans for combining this small narrow family room with the kitchen (documented in the Kitchen and Family Rooms That Were Meant To Live As One post), it needs to work for my family in the interim. Plus it is getting colder, so we wanted the room to be more seasonally cozy. Time for a “use what you have” room makeover!

But first, I needed to find the right area rug as inspiration. As we were unpacking, I had hastily placed an the indoor/outdoor rug in the family room as a placeholder. It was time to replaced it with something a bit softer and warmer. I found this great area rug at HomeGoods. Its geometric pattern adds textural interest while the color really brings out the natural brick without being too busy. And, it’s soft!

geometric area rug from HomeGoods

To bring in warmer colors for the season, I “shopped” the other rooms in our house for key accessories. We changed the room from this…

family room with green accents

…to this – a nice warm seasonal update with minimal budget.

small narrow family room with brick red and orange rug

In addition adding the rug and “stealing” a few accessories from other rooms in the house, we did a little rearranging to improve traffic flow.

layouts for a small narrow family room

Here’s another view from the other side:

brick fireplace in family room

Besides pillows, I also found a few vases that made a nice vignette by the fireplace.

grouping of orange and green vases

In all, I spent $100 for the rug, zero on rearranging, and zero on accessories. Who knew shopping within your home could be so rewarding!

What have you reused in your home?

I love reading comments and yes, I read every one!


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